How secure is your internet connection?

Is your internet connection secure?

Are you worried about people logging on to the internet using your connection?

Is your internet connection secure?

Approximately 80% of businesses that lose data through fire or other disasters go out of business within 2 years but if a business has data stolen some statistics suggest nearly 90% go out of business quickly because they lose all their customer information – sometimes to a competitor.

Some of the things that can happen are annoying but trivial, like having your social networking sites or your email account hacked by spammers. Others are more serious, like your internet banking account being hacked and emptied of funds.

You are probably thinking that’s unlikely to happen to you and yet in the news recently a big company, Google, has been highlighted as having a database of wireless points around the UK taken without permission as they were taking pictures for their Google Street View – Read this for more infowhich highlighted privacy concerns .

The same problem has also been an issue in Germany.

So, do you know if your personal information and your vital business information is safe?

Until recently, most wireless access points sent out with broadband packages or bought from stores were sent out with the security feature turned off. This means that anyone can ‘drive by’ or park outside your office and browse the internet through your connection. If they can access the internet, then they can access your pc.

The latest packages have the security feature turned on but if you have an older one it is possible to turn on the security feature.

However, as Mark Jackson, editor-in-chief of ISPreview, said:

“In theory you could make individuals responsible for Wi-Fi security but surely that is extremely unrealistic. How many people could be expected to know about the encryption settings on a router?”

How true! That is why we, at KTS Computers Ltd, would like to make you an offer.

If you are within a half hours drive of our office in St Ives, Cambs we will perform a security check of your wireless system and either advise or reset it for you if required – completely without charge. How’s that for giving you peace of mind ?

Just send an email request giving your name and contact number before Friday 11th June and we will phone you back to book your visit.

If you have any other IT questions leave them below or post them on Twitter @Ask_Ken

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