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Laptops are at risk from hot air!

Laptops draw in cool air from the outside world and pump out hot air, which helps to keep the laptop at a reasonable running temperature.

However, as well as drawing in air, the cooling fans also tend to suck in dust and fluff. This causes the vent holes to block up and the fans to get clogged, resulting in the laptop overheating.

If the processor gets too hot it will either slow down or keel over! If you were in the middle of writing a vital document, you’ll have lost it!

Does your laptop seem to be slower than it used to be?

Has it ever been cleaned inside? Even worse, has it crashed recently for no particular reason? It could be your laptop is full of fluff! Your data could be at risk of corrupting causing you to overheat!

Laptop Summer Service

Our Laptop Summer Service will improve your laptop’s performance, protect your data and help you keep your cool!

Includes cleaning internally, checking hardware, making any recommendations for upgrades (e.g. more memory) clean externally, including screen and keyboard.

We’ll need your laptop for 2 to 3 hours at our fully equipped workshop in St Ives.

Usual price £96 + VAT; however, for less than half price (just £39.50 including VAT) we will give you peace of mind that your laptop won’t let you down at a vital time.
Get in touch now to book your slot. Call us on 01480 469019 – offer available until July 30th.

More laptop tips soon!

If you have an IT question just email it to us at – even if you’re not a customer. We’ll do our best to send you a response by email.

You can also send us a question on Twitter  @Ask_Ken

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