What do Anti Virus, Backup, Social Media and Huntingdon Racecourse have in Common?

Well what a strange question, you might be thinking. But actually they are related!

The Inspired GroupOn 12th September 2012, KTS will be hosting AVG UK who are coming down especially to inform Cambridgeshire businesses of the dangers on the internet and how to protect themselves. Ann Hawkins of The Inspired Group will be discussing social media and how this can generate leads, and Neil Hamilton-Meikle of Safebox will be discussing backing up your data. AVG Logo

This exciting mix should help businesses in Cambridgeshire generate more The Safebox Group of Companiesprofit. How? Easy; if you want more leads, come and listen to Ann. If your computer is not wheezing under the load of trojans, bots, rootkits and other malware then you will get more done in the time. And if the worst did happen, the longer you are without your computer the higher the losses. With everything backed up you have both peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on your work and you have fast recovery meaning minimum disruption.

So now you know how you can improve your profit, why on earth would I put myself through this? For those that have run an event, you know what it is like, sleepless nights, hard work getting the venue right, speakers etc. and you still have to do your normal day to day work.

The answer is simple – I hate malware. I detest having to charge people for removing the nasty little ‘programs’ from their computers and I particularly find it galling that because of these little malware problems, businesses are left unable to earn their living. We are here to help small businesses to make money doing what they are good at, not removing their computers to spend time combing them for bugs and squashing them.

I have seen a lot of computers over the last year that were not properly protected. The result? People paid us lots of money that if they had proper protection they would not have paid us. I would rather be moving businesses forward than fixing problems caused by organised crime in other countries.

So I recommend you come along to our FREE seminar, get benefits from the networking as well as the information. Sign up at http://ktsitseminar.eventbrite.co.uk/

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