Why your backup should be on-line

As business owners we want to ensure that our businesses continue to earn us money, but sadly the following facts about small businesses show this might not happen.

Losing data is a major source of anxiety for most businesses and we’d like to take that headache away by showing you how to get peace of mind with a reliable on-line back up system.

Had you considered these facts?

49% of small businesses forget to back up their data regularly or do it badly.
On-line backup is done automatically – you don’t have to rely on someone to remember to do it.

80% of businesses that suffer a major data loss or failure for more than 24 hours fold within 12 months.
If your data is backed up on line it will be put on a hard drive and couriered to you by next day at the latest.

Only 34% of companies that use tape backup check it, and of those that check, 77% notice some form of backup failure.
On-line back up doesn’t rely on a tape so there is nothing to interfere with fast efficient data recording.

Tape backup systems can cost from £400 + £175 worth of tapes + backup software which all has to be paid for up front.
On-line back up can cost from as little as £3 per month per workstation or £10 per month per server with no upfront payment.

And the moral is…

Don’t risk your business continuity – Don’t wait for a disaster to happen, pick up the phone and call us now on 01480 469019 for a complimentary – FREE – review of your back up system. Yes, that is at no charge but only until 16th August (The summer heat must be getting to us)!

If you have an IT question just email it to us at sales@ktscomp.co.uk – even if you’re not a customer. We’ll do our best to send you a response by email.

You can also send us a question on Twitter  @Ask_Ken

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