Dismantling a Sony VPCM13M1E to increase the memory.

Warning, semi technical article!

The one that caught out an engineer!

We recently had a pink Sony laptop in the workshop for a memory upgrade. Blissfully unaware, one of our engineers (who shall remain nameless) undid the screws and went to remove the keyboard, but it was stuck fast. Now we have some extremely good lighting on our anti static bench, so the chance of missing a screw or two was immediately ruled out (big mistake – huge in fact!).

Now, I don’t know if it was the colour or just the fact it looks cute, but the next hour was spent looking for the way in. After trying all avenues including looking on the internet where no one seemed to have an answer (in fact many asked the same question, so we were not alone) our myopic engineer called yours truly.

I looked and prodded and poked, noticed where the problem was and said – “you need to undo ALL the screws”. Puzzled of St Ives replied – “I have”.

So how do you upgrade the memory on a Sony VPCM13M1E netbook

Lift tape here

Upon turning the laptop over, removing the battery to access the obvious location where the screws should be – nothing, black, blank zero – there seemed to be no screws. Hmmm (I tried the chin stroke here, but didn’t quite get away with it). Gently running my fingers over the area where the screws should be, I realised there was black tape hiding the screws.

Grabbing a sharp blade, I removed the tape and in few seconds had the keyboard off so the memory could be replaced. It pays to use all your senses when repairing computers! We don’t just think it through, we use smell, sight, sound and touch. (we use taste on the tea and biscuits which are requisite after every repair). Engineer was duly ribbed about age and myopia!

  • So should you want to upgrade or replace the memory in your Sony VPCM13M1E, firstly, if it is pink, put on sunglasses (which is where our engineer went wrong!).
  • Make sure you are working somewhere where you will not generate static shocks (that can kill computer memory). You should have an anti-static wrist strap, be attached to an earth point through it and be working on an anti-static mat, NOT on the carpet.
  • Make sure the laptop is shut down properly (do not hibernate or standby) then remove the battery.
  • Remove the tape hiding the two middle screws, then remove the FOUR screws holding in the keyboard.
  • Gently remove keyboard, do not tug otherwise you will damage the connections. The keyboard does not need unplugging to replace the memory
  • Replace memory
  • Re-assemble
  • Replace tape if you want to catch out the next person!

The memory revealed.

So, should you want to wind up our engineer, you now only need to come in and sing, “Thanks for the memory”.

Oh, and in the best car manual tradition, re-assembling was the reverse of dismantling, apart from the extra screws that had been taken out (snigger).

So does your computer need a memory upgrade?

It’s fairly easy to check, just right click on ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer’ if Windows XP or earlier, select ‘Properties’ and read out how much memory you currently have. See list below to see if you definitely need an upgrade. If it matches or is more, an upgrade may be required, but you would need to discuss the details with us.

  • Windows XP needs at least 1GB of memory
  • Windows Vista needs at least 3GB
  • Windows 7 needs at least 2GB

If you are not sure how to proceed, then contact KTS Computers Ltd on 01480 469019, or drop me an email on sales@ktscomp.co.uk  

Stay safe and if in doubt – send me a question on Twitter  @Ask_Ken

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