What’s the point of spam?

What do you do with spam emails?

I’m often asked ‘”what’s the point of spam emails?

Spammers don’t just want to annoy you or disable your computer. What they really want is to get their nasty little viruses and malware codes into your computer so that they can get access to your most sensitive and valuable information.

Do you get more spam on bank holidays?

Statistically you are far more likely to open an email from your bank, or from UPS (or some other carrier) or another carefully crafted email on a bank holiday.

What can you do to avoid computer viruses?

Simply, “Think before you Click”

Always stop to ask ‘when did I give my bank, Microsoft, UPS, DHL ……(fill in your own situation) my email address, or ask ‘Do I know Gertrude Smith?’ This is how things get through. It’s called social engineering.

  1. Make sure your favourite flavour of anti-virus/malware product (NortonAVGSophos) has a chance to be updated before you download email.
  2. Read the subject line and who its from before opening, and if suspicious, delete it
  3. If you have auto preview turn it off.
  4. If you see a subject line you’re not sure about or open an email remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is so DON’T click any links.

Remember the best security software lies in your head!

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