Could your computer be damaging your neck?

Neck pain and shoulder pain can be caused by computers

Ellipta 3 screenWe are all getting more and more problems with our necks, eyes, arms and wrists in the form of RSI, eye strain and other long term painful injuries. Part of this is due to sitting in front of screens for longer and longer periods as more demands are placed on us especially as many businesses are still suffering from the downturn in the economy.

How can we prevent injury and absence from work?

Many companies are running with bigger monitors, but the writing is smaller and the screen being bigger is further away  This leads to the monitor not being in the most ergonomic position, potentially leading to physical problems.

The answer is to mount the screen on an arm. The monitor is now at the correct height, distance and correct relationship to keyboard. However there are different types of arm to choose from.

Are fixed arm mounts the answer?

NO. Fixed arm mounts are just that, fixed. Imagine the rear view mirror in your car to be fixed or your car seat to be fixed. It would be absolutely not acceptable.

How about a gas strut?

Great, solves the problem, but at what cost? A decent one will start at £200 without fitting.

An affordable solution

A spring assisted multi-directional flat screen monitor arm is cheaper than gas strut. Moreover it doesn’t need a new strut after 2 years, is easily adjustable for each user and so avoids repetitive strain injury.  It creates more desk space, has lateral movement to allow for information sharing and you can even combine as many screens as you want on it in the positions YOU need – no more restrictions.

No more grovelling on the floor

If your computer tower is on the floor underneath your desk you probably have to grovell around every time you need to use a USB port. The spring loaded arm we use at KTS comes with a 4 port USB hub on the arm itself and the whole thing fits neatly into the wiring aperture on most modern desks.

Your space, your way, healthily


  • Save desk space (up to 40%)
  • Improve ergonomics
  • Adjust with a touch
  • Suits most flat screens
  • Affordable solution

We can supply and fit a spring loaded arm with prices starting from £165 – call us now for details on 01480 469019

And what about the pain in the neck? (we don’t mean the boss!)
You may need some help getting your neck sorted or checking out the best position to work in so that you don’t cause more damage. This could be done at work saving lost time and improving productivity.  With help of our partners we can not only improve your working life, we can also ensure you and your employees are de-stressed and able to take on the challenges common to small businesses, and win.

For help with in-house stress relief and fitness call Mervyn Foster on 01480 878111

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