Is there an app for that?

Can a smart phone with the right apps replace a PC?

montage of appsApps can be used for so many useful things; cooking, shopping, finding a restaurant, and of course the fabulous Light Sabre! IT is just so much fun. They’ve become so much a part of our lives that any discussion about solving a problem usually includes the phrase “Is there an app for that?”

Strictly speaking the term app is short for application and usually refers to any piece of software. They’ve been around a long time – way before smart phones made them so easy to access.

As wells as running games and lots of other social and entertainment uses, they can also be used to run a business but there are things to beware of. Have you read the terms & conditions of the apps you use? Do you know if you have given permission for a third party to access and use your information?

I had an absolutely great time discussing all this with Antonia Brickell on BBC Radio. The recording of the interview is here: 

Smart Phone Apps with Antonia Brickell

The interview led to many questions, including some we didn’t have time for on the interview. For instance,  is it ‘green’ to use so many apps? The more apps there are, the more we need internet connection so the more servers we need to supply the data. This is why Facebook is planning on building a server farm in Sweden, just below the Arctic circle. Lots of computers generate lots of heat, so keep them cool by building them in a cold climate makes sense.

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